“My anesthesiologist was trying to “”find the vein”” when I decided not to pursue with my gall bladder removal operation. At first, interns were sent to talk to me and then finally my doctor asked me why I was backing out. I told him that I had a change of mind and that I would like to consider other options. He said that my only option is surgery (removal of my gall bladder).
I decided not to go on with the surgery. I felt victorious but when my doctor told me to find another doctor and that he did not want to deal with me anymore, I felt hurt and insulted. He should have, at least, made another appointment with me, and offer me other alternatives or at least been open minded and discussed things with me.
Do I really have no other option? For about a week now, I have not have any pain. My diet is in control and it seems to be helping. Reading all your mail regarding pains after surgery makes me feel good for not having mine done but where do I go from here? What if I have another attack? Is there any medicine or natural alternatives to break down gall stone? What food can I
eat or avoid? ”