I am glad that I came to this web site. My husband was just about to go to my physician to ask him what the hell had been done to me. I, at 32, had my gallbladder removed in June 2000. I too have experienced the phantom GB pains, with no reasonable explanation from the surgeon. I have the urgency to have a bowel movement soon after eating, but not after every meal. I had created my own explanation, and I think that Ralph is very much on target. I realize that the GB is a storge tank for bile (not the creator like a lady above had suggested). Since my symptoms generally occur upon eating the first meal of the day (which is usually around noon), I have concluded that over night production of bile, plus whatever is produced up until the time I eat,is more bile than is typically necessary to help process a meal. I agree that it has to be more bile in the digestive system rather than less, because there is nowhere to store the stuff. The GB probabaly acted as a regulator of sorts, and once it was full, the liver stopped producing. Now there is no regulator, and there is no middleman between the liver and small intestine. This is just my theory, but as everyone has concluded, we seem to have to do our own research and develop hypothesis based on that. Thanks for letting me know that this problem isn’t necessarily a precursor to some dread disease.