“hello all,

Just read all your post op symptoms and I am relieved to find that I don’t need to give myself the horrors in the middle of the night thinking I have something worse!

I had my GB removed in Dec 07 by whom I can only describe as one of the best surgeons ever. My scars are tiny, my recovery rate was amazing.

I decided to cut out fry ups, butter, cheese, booze,eggs and then coffee. Substituted with porridge, soya spread and milk, oatcakes, fruit and veg and loads of water. Started back jogging, lost weight, felt wonderful……..then out of the blue two weeks ago I seemed to need to go to the loo more and had “”mucus runs”” (best way I can describe it -sorry folks!) and looser movements. It lasted about 3 days and went away and has decided to come back today again.

Total panic ! Was about to go to docs thinking I was dying then looked up this web page. I had looked at the info I received before the op and it did say some people can suffer from this but I thought I had escaped it as its 3 months since the op. So do you all reckon this is pretty normal? I did ask myself where does the bile go once you get the GB out -do you suppose it is the cause of the runs?

Otherwise I feel fantastic and have lost weight rather than gained as my surgeon warned might happen. Does anyone suffer on and off like me? Did anyone have a wait of 3 months then kaboom ? I don’t want to take any medication and would prefer to control myself if anyone has any ideas out there? I don’t want to bother the doc so if anyone can reassure me out there ????

Thanks Janet”