I’m 18 and I had my gallbladder out last Feb. Went back to the GI doc in August because i was having severe pain on my stomach an would go up my throat and take my breath away and I was throwing up everytime I ate like before I had my gallbladder removed and I was having major diarrhea so they did a scope and found that I had way to much bile just sitting in my stomach and I was diagnosed with Oddi Sphincter Dysfunction (OSD) so he gave me meds to push it out and all it did is make me throw up more so I’m having another procedure done soon called ERCP. (Take in I’ve already had my appendix, gallbladder and 2 inches of my intestine out and I’m not even in my 20’s) ha with this surgery they said I’m so small and so young I have a 35% chance that I will have diabetes for the rest of my life because when they do this it messes with my pancreas.