“Oh, I feel for you. I had my GB out Jan 5th 10. It was an easy surgery, keyhole and for the most part I was uncomfortable but not in severe pain or anything afterward, no pain meds needed for it what so ever. But…the nausea and abdominal pain and acidy feeling is constant. I have had days where I felt pretty good, usually after fasting on water and broth for a week to 10 days. I have lost 30 pounds but gained 10 back so far. I recently, last Thursday, got a bladder/kidney infection and I can no longer tolerate any antibiotics. I never had major issues prior to surgery. The side effects hit me with Macrobid, Bactrim and Cipro. So bad that they have upset my whole body and with toppled on with the pain and nausea that I have already has me contemplating suicide. I am not kidding. My husband is heading into the Navy in 4 months and I will be alone with this. I don’t know if I can function on my own. There are days, a few times a week had passed before I was able to take a shower. Gross, I know. But seriously I have been so debilated by this “”abdominal migraine””. I was told I have this too. It’s frustrating to feel like this. I can’t hold a job. My marriage is suffering. I’m terrified and suicidal. I hate this. I needed the to have the GB removed, I had 108 stones. All of my tests come back normal as well. I am supposed to have an endoscopy done next week. Was gonna do it last week but was so sick I couldn’t get to the appt. We live 20 minutes from our hospital, but a 20 minute ride is excrutiating most times. The latest malady with the bladder infection is killing me too. So I am just getting sicker and sicker. I know your pain and frustration. My doc said that if the Endo shows nothing wrong, than she will approve me for disability. I have no option of going back to work if I am going to be sick like this. I’m 32 and should be in the prime of my life. Oh, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and fatty Liver disease as well. So…really if I got hit by a truck and kicked the bucket, I would be ok with it. I can’t have kids, I can’t eat, sleep, sit, lay down, walk or do anything. My back hurts where the GB was all of the time. But there is something in me that tells me I am not done yet and that I have to get through this, if not for me, for my husband. I cant bare making him a widow at 28 yrs old. This is a nightmare and I hope you find some relief soon. There has to be something we can do. My prayers are with you.