Hello, I am a 27 year old that used to suffer from gastritis because 5 years ago while pregnant with my son, I was diagnosed with numerous gallstones. I used to have horrible gallstone attacks. It got so bad that they had to induce me at 38 weeks and take my son so they could speed up the surgery process. So after my son was born I had to wait 3 more weeks for my uterus to go down so they can do surgery to remove my gallbladder. I had my gallbladder and the gallstones removed but oh my goodness.. I was having horrible gas, going to the bathroom right after I eat and miserable up until about months ago. It was so bad I used to go the emergency room almost every other night for gas and heartburn. The doctors in the emergency room would give me GI cocktail. Some kind of mixture of Maalox and some other medication that worked great for a couple of hours. But of course that gets expensive because I still had to pay my expensive emergency room visit. I also had all kinds of medications prescribed, nothing worked.. About 6 months ago I had a endoscopy done because they thought I had a ulcer but they didn’t find nothing… So basically that organ (gallbladder) is put there for a reason and we need to live. I also sleep sitting up at night because if I lay down I wake up feeling so queasy and feel like i am going to throw up but i don’t. Since then about 2 months ago, my hair stylist had joined this business and she would talk to me about their products and I was just interested in this “body magic” garment were u dropped three sizes in 10 minutes.. But anyway to make a long story short. There is a juice drink called Levive offered by the same company that makes this body magic garment (which also works). Basically this Levive juice have 5 antioxidants producing fruits in one product; Mangosteen, Noni, Acai Berry, Goji and Pomegranate. The combination of their juices leverages their synergic action in your body cells’ aging processes while helping in many areas of health. With that being said. I have being drinking this juice and I have being feeling 100% better with my gas. I also sleep laying down at night now!!! I cannot leave the house without taking some of my Levive. U only have to drink 1 oz. 1-3 times a day preferable before or with meals. I used to pray and pray and ask God to send me an miracle and i think this is it!! Everyone that I know that is in the business with this company says it helps with a lot of different they have and gives them energy.. I love this juice and it is ideal for the whole family. I also shared this with my doctor who used to prescribe me many different medicines that didn’t work and he is too very interested on getting more information on this juice!! So I basically wanted to share my testimony with everyone that has been having problems with stomach problems and so for. I have listed some helpful information to back up my testimony as to how powerful this Levivie juice is. It is not made to cure, diagnose, or treat diseases, just to HELP with numerous things and the research below will give u all the details! .. I will also include my website because I have signed up to become a distributor JUST to get this juice at wholesale price with the company so worth it!!! Feel free to ask any questions..