I had my gallbladder removed on April 18, 2012 due to it being low functioning (8%). My only symptom prior and post surgery is nausea. I can say that I have tried all forms of doctors and even a nature path. They have all prescribed different medications and herbs which sometimes made me feel worse. I stopped all medications except for the probiotics and I started to exercise a lot, specifically cardio. I can say that time is the best cure. I still have my moments when nausea comes back but it is not as bad (it still stinks). Aloe Vera does help the nausea but it does not make it go away but it makes it tolerable. It’s the only thing that has actually made a difference. I have also changed my diet by not eating anything greasy, fried or spicy. So I have noticed an improvement but I am not 100%. So my advice is to eat better, excersice and be patient.