Thank you for the great information. I am only 2 weeks post op from laparoscopic surgery for a supposed twisted bowel (which didn’t exist) but the surgeon removed a lot of scar tissue (I’m 10 yrs post op open gastric bypass). I started having this terrible pain about an inch below the incision just below my ribs on the right side. It feels like someone is sticking a hot poker into my abdomen. The only comfortable position I have found is lying down in bed on a stack of pillows. I also get very nauseated when I eat – I’ve lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks. I too thought a “lap” would be easy peasy and I would be up and back to normal within a week. WRONG!! I did follow up with the surgeon yesterday – I believe she thought I was crazy. All she seemed worried about was if I was eating three meals a day and getting all my protein in for the day (she’s specializes in Gastric Bypass). I’m lucky to get one meal down – and the last thing on my mind is keeping track of my protein intake. I finally convinced her that the pain I was experiencing was not a “twinge” from a suture pulling – this pain brings me to my knees! She gave me an injection of a numbing agent (similar to Lidocaine) just below my incision – which was very painful. I was willing to do anything though to try to get rid of this pain. Anyway – it worked for about 3 hrs and then the pain was right back just as bad as before. Luckily my sister is a nurse at a large teaching hospital in Cleveland and she pulled some strings for me – so I’m seeing a different surgeon on Friday. She agrees – this is not normal post op pain and there is something wrong. I’ll be prepared with better questions this time and I won’t let this surgeon bully me into thinking I’m crazy. Thanks so much for all your great info!! I’ll keep you posted on how things go – maybe I can find out something that might help other people.