Hello, I have been googling this issue for 3 months now myself. My 13 year old son had his gallbladder removed 3 months ago. The first 2 weeks after the surgery went well. Then out of the blue he developed a pain that was 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. Upper abdominal pain around his incision that came on with no warning and lasted about 45 minutes. We called his surgeon who sent him to get an upper GI and small bowel series. Both were normal. While he was having the test done, the barium through him into another attack that was worse than the first attack. Needless to say 3omths later and 20 attacks down, countless tests including another hida scan, 4 trips I the ER for pain and one ambulance run, ER may be on to something. I found a gastro doc that says his pain very well might be what’s called gastric motility disorder. He started my son on 20 mg a day of buspar, yes buspar, and something called domperadone. sometimes this happens after a surgery, other times it happens just because. I have cried myself to sleep at night because I have been so worried for my son. I see him in that much pain is umbearable. He was so scared to leave the house because he never knew when it would hit again. I can only part that this medicine works. Will keep you posted.