“I am an 18 year old male, and starting last december, i began having abdominal pain in the lower right side. i went to the dr, and was told that it was just a virus, nothing to worry about. it continued for 2 weeks, and i went to a GI dr, and he originally thought apendix. I had an ultrasound, and a 4mm gallstone was found in the gallbladder, but it was thought to be inconsequential. I had a CAT scan done, and that determined that it was indeed the gallbladder. I had it removed Jan 17 of this year, after multiple visits to the ER with pain. The surgery went fine, and I was told to expect some level of discomfort for about a month.

After a month, I decided to try a slice of pizza for lunch. The next day, I had horrible pain, worse than anything I have ever felt, and I have broken bones, cut tendons, and many stupid injuries, and 8 surgeries counting the gall bladder.

3 months later, after being good, i tried fried shrimp. the next morning at 5 am, i collapsed from the pain, and threw up multiple times. it took two vicodin 5-750 pills to finally cut the pain. the same thing happened in late june of this year as i was going to work.

I usually have some level of pain each day, and take ibuprofen every 4 hours to deal with it, vicodin if it gets bad.

This past month, the pain has increased, and not gone away. I slowly stopped eating things, and am currently down to Chicken noodle soup, mostaccioli, and ensure protein shakes. I have lost 40lbs since the surgery, and I was not at an unhealthy weight to begin with. I went back to the GI, and after blood tests, an endoscopy, ultrasound, Gastric emptying, and finally this past monday a nuclear test for sphincter of oddi dysfunction, i have an answer.

I have been diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, and will be having an ERCP/ sphincterotomy this upcoming tuesday. I have seen so many comments about how people have post gall bladder surgery issues, and I wonder how many cases could be this. If you are suffering, I encourage you to ask your dr about Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Good luck everyone, I hope you all get answers and successful treatment if necessary :)”