“Well here is my story. Today is May 30, 2012 and I had my gall bladder removed 2 weeks after the birth of my 2nd son in 2008. I discovered I had gall stones when I was about 5 weeks pregnant so I lived my entire pregnancy in complete misery. I was on a very strict diet and any little slip up would send me quick to the emergency room. I would only eat bread, water and soups and sometimes plain pasta with no sauces. I couldn’t wait for my surgery and the first couple months after surgery it felt like I had gotten my life back I was able to eat anything I wanted. I was so happy. I probably overdid it since I was making up for everything I couldn’t have while pregnant. A few months after my surgery I started noticing pain in my stomach at random times but mostly after greasy foods. I started watching what I ate again and I still have issues. I go from constipation to diarhea.
It’s been almost 4 years now and I’m still dealing with this. I’m now pregnant again with my 4th child and it feels like things are getting worse. It seems like anything sets it off. I’m so upset because I’m scared to eat. Everything seems to turn into very painful gas in my stomach. It’s embarrassing and horrible going through this while at work. I gave notice this week because it’s so unbearable I’d rather be home dealing with this. I’m also hardly ever hungry now. I’m pregnant yet I’m only eating once maybe twice a day. Throughout the years I’ve gone to the doctor numerous times and they always come back with results that don’t mean anything to me. Supposedly I have acid reflux yet I never have heart burn and that wouldn’t explain why I have pain in my stomach on my side and sometimes lower part of my stomach. I also have hypothyroidism. Haven’t read anyone else mention it so I’m sure it has nothing to do with it but thought I’d throw it out there. Been reading all the suggestions and want to give them a try just not sure what is pregnancy safe. I’ll be asking my dr about all these next week. I hope we all figure this out soon!”