Although im sorry everyone is going through this, im just glad i am not the only one with these symptoms. I had my galbladder removed a little over a year ago. I had gall stones and sever pain. I spent several months on heavy pain killers just to ease the pain a little. I was told after my surgery that i would be able to eat anything i want and live a healthy life. I was fine for about a month and then started getting sick. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom with pain clenching diarrhea which leaves me exhausted. I have a two year old son, but i can do as much with him as i want because i am always getting sick. My regular doctor put me Bentyl and it sometimes works but not all the time. Sometimes i am getting sick even though i have not eaten anything. My husband is frustrated that im always sick and can never go out to eat. I try to explain that im not lazy, but being stuck in the bathroom getting violently ill really takes it out of a person. Im behind on house work. i catch up when i have a few days without getting sick. I’m turning 25 this year and i feel like an old woman. I hate enjoy life and i am often depressed about this. I am also gaining a lot of weight even though i cant each much and constantly have diarrhea. I put out more than i take in yet i keep getting bigger. My husband doesn’t find me very attractive, which i cant blame him. I feel so unsexy and ugly and bloated. This was supposed to make my life better, but instead it is getting worse….i know i am throwing a pitty party, but im just so tired of being sick. i no longer feel like a real person. the days go by…my son is getting bigger and i feel like i am missing out on life. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? i sure hope soo. im not sure how much longer i can take this.