Thank goodness I found this website! I was worried about the pain Im in after my gall bladder emoval surgery, but thanx to this website I can see that I am completely normal. Its been 6 days since my surgery, and I am still in a bit of pain and really battling to walk. That day after my surgery, I only had liquids. I first woke up in terrible pain, but fell asleep again and woke up ok. That night I was able to sit up for little bits at a time. I battled to sleep that night though because I could only sleep in one position without too much pain. I could walk around very slowly when going to the bathroom. The next morning I could sit up while eating with still a bit of pain. I walked all the way to the car that day when I was released but with a lot of pain. The day i left the hospital I was already eating solid food fine! But fatty foods still make me feel a bit ill. The pain medication I was given really helped… until today when I ran out. I assumed it would be fine because that was all the medication I was given, but I really struggled with the pain. Tomorrow Im definately getting another perscription! Since my surgery, I have just been resting, watching lots of tv and eating tons of fruit. I just hope that I am able to walk soon to get back to work. I was under the impression that I would be 100% after just a few days… I wish they had prepared me for the reality. I have been constipated since and also had difficulty breathing deeply. Otherwise I have been eating normally and sleeping a lot! Thank you for everyones stories! They have really put me at ease. 🙂