I too have been sick for months and it seems that the doctors have just dropped the ball. Tests in Aug. show appendix filled with stones (never heard of this before) and that there was a small 2.5 leison on the right lobe of my liver. Had three CT cans and then one ultra sound saying that I have a 5 mm gallstone or polup in my gallbladder. I have gastritis and I have said from the beginning that it was caused by bile. Anyway am on an acid blocker to help it heal. I get so nausiated if I do not keep food in my stomach all the time. I get chills at times and sweats at others mainly at night. I have told the doctors that I can actually feel something moving through my liver to my gallbladder but they do not seem to hear me and I guess they think I am a bit crazy. When this happens after a while I can feel it on the left side where the small intestines start. At times I have a lot of burping. Whatever that I feel moving around does not feel like gas most of the time and an empty stomach is so bad for me and I get the shakes at times until I eat. I thought maybe it was a sugar problem but it is not. My lymph system tests show all sorts of highs and lows but the doctors did not follow up on this. My Hepatitis blood work came out within the normal ranges. I have been referred to a surgeon but do not want to have surgery until I find out more about the liver and functioning of the gallbladder. I am not sure what tests will show how the liver is working possibly an MRI. I am going to request a gallbladder ejection study and hope they will do it. I am so tired of being sick all the time. If I eat fresh veg. mainly greens the liver pain and stomach pain is worse which suggests to me too much bile because I do know those things will cause more bile production. I like to eat lots of salads and fruit but with the pain in my stomach have to leave the fruit alone with the exception of bananas and I cannot eat greens or salad stuff. I do eat one plain yogurt a day but find it sad that I have to eat foods other than the real healthy stuff in order to have some relief. I do not eat fatty foods and have not eaten fast foods for years but still I have a mild fatty liver. I have never drank and up until now have not taken prescription medication. I do have some bowel issues but have been told to take MiraLax which has helped with that big time. Does anyone else have any of these problems and do you know of any other tests I can request? I wish I lived near a good hospital that would just admit me and do tests until they find an answer. To me it seems the doctors are not interested. I have also had the test where they put the camera in your stomach (twice), and a small intestine test. I believe more testing and blood work needs to be done because if it is excess bile then once the gallbladder is removed the problem could get better or worse and I am afraid to take a chance. I do not want to get any worse because I do not have a life as it is and have not for months. As I write this I can actually feel like something is traveling around into the small intestines – just a funny sensation and it all scares me. I would appreciate talking to anyone who has experienced these symptoms. Karen