“Gallbladder removal, bile leakage a week later, stent implant.
On New Years Eve 09 I was rushed to ER and via a sonogram dx with gallstones (3 the size of golf balls). Scheduled surgery for Jan 8 (friday) for removal of gallbladder via laproscopy. All was going well til about thursday. I had an apt that day (14th) with my MD for post surgery follow up for 10:30 am. All week long all seemed fine with occasional nausea, cramping, etc. However, I was awakened this morning with pain in the upper right quadrant, lower back, and right flank. I was nauseated, and vomiting. I worked to hold off on going to ER due to having an apt with MD in a couple hours and his office was across street from ER. I get to his office, explain symptoms and he suggests a hydascan to rule out bile leakage. He leaves the office. Immediately the pain worsens and down to my knees I fell. Nurses get me in wheelchair and across the street I go to the ER. Hydascan revealed a bile leakage for several days into my pelvis, liver, kidneys, etc. I was scheduled an emergency ERCP to place a stent into my bile duct to open the narrowing and allow the bile to empty into my small intestine. I was in hospital for three days following the procedure. He said I return in a month for another ERCP for stent removal. I spent three hours in the ER without any pain medication relief prior to stent inplantation. Unethical if you ask me to allow patients to be in that sort of pain. I was diagnosed with biliary colic. I am scared that when they remove the stent its going to start all over again. I have continual pain that is identical to pre laproscopy. Tests show the liver and pancreas is functioning “”normal””. After reading this message board, I believe the MD should have placed a drain during the gallbladder removal to prevent the bile from emptying into my system. I have been off work since the surgery and am afraid to return with continued symptoms occurring. I have a 7 day waiting period with Short Term disability and am afraid to return to work fearing this isnt over. Any suggestions?”