in 2002 I had my gallbladder removed when I woke up in the recovery room the pain was so bad I started yelling at the people in the recovery room to do something. I said you left a tool or something inside my stomach. They call me a cry-baby and said don’t be silly you just had surgery and they gave me a shot of morphine or something that put me to sleep I woke up in my room in the pain was worse telling me it was surgical gas. It took 3 days to find out that they had to cut (CLIPPED) a bile duct to my pancreas and it had been leaking bile for 3 days as they were pumping me full of toridol andevery other narcotic underthe sun. After the stint placement I had severe pancreatitis attack ending up with a picc line and ng tube dying until this dr came in with a experimental new drug bextra that has since been taken off the market because of lawyer and i life off pain med. I ended up with abdominal adhesions all over my liver pancreas intestines it was leaking everywhere I have a website with all my medical records online about what happened to me