The same thing happened to me, however it wasn’t until I begged for 10 days did someone listen to me. The CT scan found almost 2 litres of bile, pooling in my pelvis, gallbladder bed, and adjacent to my liver. The bile had turned septic, and I was really ill. I was operated on, by having a cut from neck to groin, to wash the bile out, and all my internal organs. Then I had 4 drains inserted, and spent 6 weeks in hospital. 6 months later it looks like I need a partial biliary restructure. The pain is awful, and constant. I’m actually taking legal action against the surgeon and the hospital. The bile sitting in there for so long has caused irreparable damage. I think the pain you feel, you should take seriously, it could be bile duct spasms, or adhesion’s. Talk to a doctor, and get a second opinion..