“Pain after gallbladder removal and bile leak
I have a very similar story. Gallbladder removal on 5/8/12, felt better for several days then developed intolerable searing pain in my upper right quadrant and radiating into my back. I went to my doctor for a follow up and was told I was “”fine”” and that my pain was “”normal””. The next day after almost calling an ambulance, the pain was so bad, I went to the same ER where the surgery had been performed. I was told that my body was “”over-amplifying the pain”” and that I was “”imagining the severity”” of the pain. I was sent home after a CT (that showed some fluid in my abdominal cavity that was a “”normal amount”” according to the doctors) with my pain meds.

Later that day, still in pain I called the doctor and was told that the ER had instructed him to inform me that if I returned I would be offered a Pysch consult and nothing more.

The next day, knowing that something was wrong with my body as I was writhing in pain, I went to another ER. Thankfully, they found a bile leak and performed an ERCP to circumvent the damage.

Again I felt better for several days, then began to hurt again. This time in my back radiating to my upper right quadrant. It hurts when I breath deeply, when I stretch, when I eat, etc. I am also having terrible stomach spasms. I am worried that the bile did irreparable damage to my lungs/tissue.

My doctor says pain is normal but I still feel like “”something is just not right with my body””. What could it be…Please advise!!!!”