I am having the same problem I had my gallbladder out feb 2010. 5 days later a bile leak. I have been to the er over 100 times in past few years with all the workups x-rays and nothing. I puke bile like 5 seconds after I wake up. I am now to the point the hospital thinks im faking and can make myself puke bile and that bile is burning through my stomach. I have a very very high pain tollerence and Im crawling on the groung in pain everyday! I had to go to NY to find a dr to admit I was in terrible pain now I take dialoted 4mg 3 times a day and Zofran or phentagren and that aint touching it! Everyone is looking at me like im crazy when I yell out in the worst pain ever it makes my blood pressure bpm 200 been at 240 and my dad had strokes at 170 so I think Im done soon unless they fix me or quit diagnosing me with anything with similar symptoms! Anyone who goes through this please contact me my name is Jimmy 82northak@gmail.com I will be the one who finds out whats wrong or die trying! This has taking my life over and I cant do this much longer! Good luck to all of you fellow non gallbladder having people!