It’s no better in the UK, believe me. I had my gallblader removed then suffered agonizing stomach and chest pains 4 days later. The pain was so bad I could hardly breathe. Was admitted via A&E, scanned and discharged with a diagnosis of constipation and some laxatives. 12 hours later the pain returned and I was admitted to hospital again where a second scan identified about 1 litre of bile in the liver capsule. A drain was inserted via the Radiology Intervention team (very painful – no anaesthetic), and an ERCP was performed. Drain had to be replaced because it became blocked and when the radiologist replaced it he spotted another collection of bile and recorded it on my file. I also told the doctor that there was still some fluid present but they ignored me and discharged me. Two weeks later I was re-admitted due to a constant nagging pain low-right side of abdomen. Scans and blood tests confirmed that the fluid had turned septic so another drain was fitted and I was on antibiotic drips for 4 days and then 10 days of oral antibiotics. The drain bag remained in place for three weeks. All fluid has now gone and the only problem I have is a slight pain at the site of the drain if I breathe deepy or yawn.