“OH MY GOD, i have cried reading your post, it sounds so similar to myself.
i had gallbladder removal on 24th august the next day i was in a+e in excriciating pain, was admitted and stayed in for 6 days. told me had fluid but that was to be expected after surgery, and all that was wrong was i was constipated, sent home.
back in to a+e the next day again same pain another ct scan, more fluid but that was ok nothing to worry about. sent home!!
i got a day at home luckily enough for my 6 month old baby boys christening, then back into a+e again with the worst pain so far. they ended up refusing to continue giving me pain relief as they said i was just constipated, i knew i wasnt but then im no dr!! the next morning still in a+e by now i could hardly breath the pain was so bad, see a new dr and he says its a bile leak, i had 2 emergency ops, one to fit a drain to get the bile pool that was all in my abdomen the other to fit a stent in my liver to where they had made a small cut whilst taking out the gallbladder. so for 14 days bile had been leaking into my abdomen and damaging my organs, but then thats what constipation feels like, right!!! fools. i spent another 2 weeks recovering, and then sent home. im still in pain, like you say when i take a deep breath, stretch, hold my baby for too long, walk too much. im due to get my stent out at end of october and im so scared. but im also scared that im always going to have this pain. have they damaged my organs forever? will they recover in time.
i missed my babies first word, him sitting up unsupported and him learning to roll over, time i will never get back. i was away from him for over a month and missed him more than you can imagine.
i am so depressed as i thought a day of surgery and a couple weeks to recover and all would be sorted i feel like im going to regret this for the rest of my life.
the thing i hate the most is the drs making me feel like i was a problem to them when it was there error. and making me feel like i was imaging the pain, just because they couldnt work out what it was it meant it couldnt of been as bad as i was telling them it was.
i will never get over this i feel it has ruined my faith in the NHS and our DRs.
i hope you see this message, and reply as i would really like to know how you are doing now. i really hope you are feeling somewhat better and then maybe i will have some hope that i too may get better.have they done anymore tests to see if there is any damage to organs or if the liver is healed?
i really hope you are well. i cant believe how many people there are on here who have suffered so terribly.”