“Hi Guys, I posted months ago but have a break through I wanted to share.
I had a Dr in Brisbane at the RBWH did an exploratory operation on me 3 weeks ago.
He found an entrapped nerve in the scar. They have cut this out and the biopsy proved it was indeed a nerve. The pathologist said it showed ‘prominent nerve fibres and that they were swollen’. Of course it was swollen…It’s only been pulled & irritated for almost a year!!!.
Any way it has only been a few weeks since my operation so early days yet but they are hoping this might fix this problem.
Ruby!! I am getting the EXACT same symptoms as you. Everybody, If you are getting this pain please persist until you find somebody willing to go back in for a look around the scar causing the problem. This is not ‘ALL IN YOUR HEAD’ like the original surgeon kept telling me.
I have been in this AGONISING pain for almost a year. My life has been ruined by it. Please if you are in Australia contact me and I can put you in touch with the Dr who did my exploritory surgery as he might be able to help. I have been knocked back over and over again trying to get somebody to go back in and look as they were all in fear of it ‘making it worse’. I told them, It couldn’t get any worse!! Nobody believes the pain you are in but I know the feeling and it is horrendous. I feel for anybody going through this. I have my fingers crossed it is not too late for my nerves to heal. I know by looking up that the longer you leave these problems that the less likely they can heal. The pain radiates from the scar around to my back on bad days. It is debilitating. Please keep looking for somebody to help you. Previous to this operation I also had steroid injections & anaesethic injections which all helped a wee bit but I still am on heaps of medication. Lyrica, tramadol & Norspan pain patches.
Please contact me if you need somebody to talk to you are not alone & this is not in your head!