“I don’t know how many of you are going to want to hear this but I know how to make the cramping and other yucky sensations go away, I discovered this quite by accident. I got my gallbladder out at age 18 and for years had stomach disorders. I had my first two children age 21,22 and the pains became worse, I felt like a poisoned dog half the time, mega when I ate sausage. I have heard girls who have to get their gallbladders out at a early age is because of bad emotional childhood trauma, I had this. I got Hodgkin’s Disease(lymphoma cancer)at age 33 and through the advice of a friend after my treatment, dwelved into the world of alternative medicine, it is hard because alot of people out there are quacks. I turned vegetarian 7 years ago and after giving up meat which was hard, it’s what I ate the most of my stomach stopped hurting, I stopped having the doubling over pain, run to the restroom and hope it all comes out alright. NO MORE PAIN, like that ever again. So that is my story take it or leave it.