“Tiff; Sorry to hear about your tragic condition.

I had my gallbaldder removed 20+/- years ago and up until this year I had a slight case of the runs all of that time. Doctors said this was a common result so I lived with it.

Guess what, I stopped drinking milk and my runs are gone. I drank milk all of my life before the surgery with no problems. I still eat ice cream and yogart with no problem but I don’t eat as much of those products as I did milk.

Sometimes I have the same as you, a pain in the uper right quad or even my liver.
I do a Liver Flush or just take Gold Coin Grass. You can still have stones in your liver.

With the food passing through you and gaining 60# I would suspect an alergic reaction to something. Surely your doctor has checked you liver enzymes!
Is your weight inside of your intestional cavity or does it hang on the outside and droop? If you are blowing up from the inside I would worry but otherwise I would still suspect an alergic reaction.
I also wonder what the reaction to a pin-hole leak in your bile duct would do?

Also next time you have a dumping episode swollow a hand full of corn and see how long it takes to pass through. This will tell you and the doctor if you have a 60# storage tank in your gut, or you are really passing food fast. I hate to hear this but your condition may not be related to the surgery; it’s like 1+1=3.

Also, also when my runs were heavy my colon really got irritated and my guts were not confortable. This sounds strage but I would incert a gelatin suppository before I went to bed or when I was able to keep still and keep it in. Asprin at this time also helps.

I hope some of this may help you, good luck”