Hi! I just found this site today. I had my gull bladder removed 6 years ago. I had horrible cramps on and off for 3 months after my 1st child was born and when i went in to the hospital they said my gull bladder was full of slush not stones. I had surgery later that day. 6 years later i still have trouble. I usually just have bad cramps and about 20 mins on the toilet. It doesn’t happen all the time but mostly when i drink milk. My doctor did tell me to stay away from dairy, red meat, pork, nuts, popcorn, but mostly foods with alot of fat and acid(like oranges). I lucky with the surgery and had no pain after, but food does still bother me. I do eat shredded wheats and stuff with fiber and it does help some, but i keep alot of pepto and antacids on hand.