I had my gallbladder removed in Sept. 1994 but still had nagging pains in gallbladder area. Two years later, in Sept. 1996, I started having severe pain (like before gallbladder surgery.)After 2 days I went to ER at hospital and was admitted. I had jaundice and was in agonizing pain that whole day. Before falling asleep that night I asked for something to stop the pain – but was given nothing. I was awakened by a doctor who asked how my pain was. I was amazed that the pain was totally gone. I had different tests done at the hospital, including endoscope but nothing was found. Conclusion was that a stone had been lodged in my bile duct for the 2 years and had worked its way down and out. I no longer have that nagging pain but do have a few others that come with age. Even though you had the scope maybe a stone still remains in your bile duct. Good luck and God bless.