“I just found this site, and I don’t know that I am doing this right or not… Here goes..

I too had gall bladder surgery, removal, about 2 years ago. I too felt worse afterward than before. My doctor just said, to watch what I eat…it didn’t matter what I ate, bland or not bland, still had to run to the bathroom and have stomach pains until I got there!! Luckily there was this t.v. doctor on the news who mentioned this problem and suggested medication called cholestyramine powder. This saved me!! I went to my doctor and asked for this, he said you won’t like the way it tastes, I said anything is better than this!! So, I have used this powder up until about one month ago. I learned there is a pill you can take, colestipol, or something like that, imagine that!! it helps too. I am still trying to find out if I have something terribly wrong or not, but so far nothing is being found to cause it. I recently learned about celiac disease. It causes problems with your small intestine if you eat wheat, or wheat glutons, your system just can’t tolerate it…and there are tons of food with this in it, basically any type of processed food, and anything with wheat in it!! I am being tested for it, even if I don’t have it, I am just going to try to eat more healthy. Like eating the right amount of fiber each day 21-25 grams, and not eating bread, and eating more natural like fruits and veggies and nuts. Look it up on the internet( celiac disease/gluten free foods), there is lots of info about it, and it makes alot of sense.

Hope this helps!!