“I have absolutely no doubt that trapped rage/anger was the cause of my gall-bladder problems. Fatty food is a trigger, but the longstanding problem is suppressed stress and other negative feelings (emotional bile) that solidify in the body and cause stones. Once you’ve got them and you’ve had an attack, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the doctors.

My operation a year ago was a resounding success. Took two operations, one to unblock the bile duct, one to remove the gb, then six days of recuperation while my liver got back to normal. Horrendous, looking back. I now can’t eat fatty or oily foods in the usual quantities, and have a problem with anything ‘sharp’, such as chips, crusty bread, crackers. These hurt my tubes going down.

Above all, it was a wake-up call about my trapped emotions and the damage I was doing to myself with anger. Since then I have changed jobs, improved my diet, cleansed and detoxed, started exercising, oil-swishing, and taking coconut oil every day, etc. But more importantly I’ve undertaken courses in meditation, yoga, and general relaxation which keep my body mellow and my mood upbeat. It’s working. I’m a much happier specimen than I was a year ago. I only wish I’d known this ten years ago”