“I had my GB removed in 2004 due to an infection, no option to keep it. I lost approx 25 lbs in the month following the surgery. I put back on about 35 lbs in the next 2 years. I had a lot of stomach issues depending on the food I ate. I will say that eating the same “”healthy”” diet you ate before will not work. Siple fact is there are foods you will not be able to eat unless you DO want to gain weight. I went for food sensitivity testing and it changed my life. I no longer eat ANY dairy unless its soy or goat milk. I eat NO eggs….none..no yolks..no whites…I avoid ALL spicy foods, I eat fish, a lot of it, I avoid suggary foods and have never been a soda drinker. Wine and beer is fine, hard booze would drive my digestion crazy..ie slowed it down….anyone that has had gb removed knows the super constipated feeling you get after eating foods that just did not agree with you…..likely foods you ate pre removeal and had no issues with.

Without a GB your entire body is thrown for a loop, hormones, digestion, food sensitivities…everything so you need to experiment and see what works.

I am now 25 lbs liter than when I had gb removed, cycle 4-6 hours a week, eat what I want ..knowing there are things I just cannot eat.

Warning…eggs are in everything!!! Read the labels, dairy is in everything read the labels.

Drink lots of water to keep your guts moving…1.5 to 3 litres a day…

STOP ALL FRIED FOODS…if you dont then dont complain about reflux and weight gain

And finally…..without the gb we dont digest fat as much as pre removal…that means we sh*t it out..it does not just magically “”deposit”” in our bodies….try eating fried food for 3 days and see how much time you spend on in the can…having said that eating fried food is fattening with or wothout a gb…just dont eat it….avoid ice cream

Yes I developed IBS after it was removed…avoid dairy and you will eliminate most of the issues…..and the spicy food.

Remember the provious healthy diet something from the past….forget it and devleop a new one….”