Cholycystectomy in Dec 2005, four months later referred back for right upper quadrant pain, referred to gastroenterologist – gastroscopy barium and colonoscopy, showed hiatus hernia (already knew about) Diverticuli (already knew about) CEA raised but as bowel o.k. no further action – guess what, TOLD IT WAS PHANTOM PAIN AND ALL IN MY MIND! not amused, gradual weight gain continued, unable to lose weight no matter what, upper quad pain continued though intermittent until jan this yr became continous for two months night and day. referred back to gastro, all tests repeated, same results although polyp removed this time from bowel. This time was told the pain was due to my weight! will refer to endocrinologist for failure to lose weight. Saw my G.P. this morning who realised another G.P. had passed my thyroid function test results as normal when it clearly stated abnormal. (he was not amused as this young G.P. keeps checking up on him – cheek) Thyroxine increased with a review in a month, and a ? sphincter of oddy dysfunction, prescribed probanthine, again for review in one month, lets see how things go, only been ongoing for 6 years so far. Another treatment he mentioned although only temporary is botox into the sphincter itself.