“After I had my gallbladder removed I started to experience diarrhea and acid reflux. I also had symptoms of bloating and gas. I was so upset and embarrassed that I started to question the operation. I was desperate and tried a whole bunch of diet suggestions and nothing seemed to provide the desired results.

So, I went to GNC and the attendant recommended enzymes. I tried their brand and got results almost immediately (next day), no diarrhea, at last!!! Just two capsules before meals.

A couple of weeks later I started to get huge improvements with the bloating and acid reflux. I’m so happy. No longer have I found myself in embarrassing situations where my stomach makes loud funny noises during meetings at work.

However, you need to follow a healthy diet – low fat, high fiber, and lots and lots of water since constipation might be a problem.

The enzymes that I using is Preventive NutritionĀ® Multi-Enzyme Formula:


But I suspect any will do. In my case, I’m sticking to was has worked for me. By the way you will need to take them for the rest of you life. I missed one or two days and the previous symptoms started to appear.

I’ve read about a lot of folks with the diarrhea problems and some are using Questran but this is chemical junk with some interesting side effects. I prefer the “”natural stuff””.

I wanted to share my experience since my quality of life has greatly improved with the enzymes.

Best Wishes!!!”