I have Bile Reflux Gastritis. I make this tea and it does wonders. Here is the recipe. Go to the health food store and get Chamomile tea flowers, marshmallow root, slippery elm. Boil four cups water to a rapid boil. remove from heat. Take a big pinch full of chamomile flowers, smaller pinch of marshmallow root, smaller pinch slippery elm. Let steep for a good hour. Let it cool because you want it not to be hot. I strain it and put it in a jar. Drink all day little sips. I was finally able to eat a banana, apple, boiled potatoes, fish, salmon cod and trout, avocados and I make oatmeal smoothies. I soaked my alive vitamins in water then added that to the smoothies. No spices! When you have out your gallbladder you cannot digest fat so do very little. I do butter only but very little, no junk foods or processed, try to go gluten free, and I quit dairy, I do not meat but fish. I am going to order some digestive enzymes next month called angeo pangene, and lipo gene. Found this out through Dr Dahlman online. I did find the products cheaper through pure formulas,com. Make sure ot get Vitamin D 3 from DR Kalsa Soram. He is awesome and carries the best products. Gee I am full of info aren’t I. You know why, because you have to be.I do so much research. If you want to read a good article of Bile Refux go to Helium.com and find Frank Will on that article of Bile Reflux Gastritis. This is the tea he describes that has been used for thousands of years. Good luck. Hope you start to feeling better, If he mentions using licorice use it sparingly. Loony56