“Ask your Dr. about taking Cholestyramine, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholestyramine
After having my gallbladder removed, I was scared to eat anything because I knew I would
be running to the washroom with in minutes of my meal. It is a horriable feeling.

Some tips on taking Cholestyramine:
Do not add to food, makes it taste awful.
Add a package to 2-3 ounces of water,
let it settle in the water for 5 min., stir and drink.
You will get use to it.
Make sure you brush your teeth after about 20 min,
as it can stain your teeth.

I take it once a day, at 7am, but I do not eat for at least and hour and a half.

If you take any medication, wait at least an hour or so or it will just absorb it.

It has worked wonders for me. :-D”