“I had my gallbladder removed last February I had the same problem. I also gained a lot of weight since I was eating mostly soups and plain carbs as that was all I could eat without feeling sick. I have since been experimenting, speaking to a nutritionist and working on a healthy diet for weight loss and for getting rid of this horrible “”flushing”” of my system. It’s not perfect and sometimes I still get these symptoms but in general I am much improved. Here is what I’ve learned.
1. STOP EATING HIGH FAT FOODS: this is key, and it’s hard. No more fast food, fried foods or anything with a lot of oil or cheese. Many times this is the worst part. I don’t eat out often, and if I do it’s usually a salad. It ***** when going out with friends to eat and I find I can’t eat anything on a menu… but I’d rather munch on veggie sticks than feel awful.
2. CUT OUT GLUTEN: There is a lot of research on gluten and why it’s not great for anyone’s health. But I find I’m no longer able to digest it properly and therefore I get the symptoms everyone on this page has been describing. Cutting out gluten had the added benefit of teaching me how to eat and helped me lose weight.
3. NEVER EVER FAST: Eat small meals often. When you don’t have a gallbladder your body still produces bile in the liver, but instead of being stored in the gallbladder it is released directly into your digestive system. This means if there is no food to digest then that bile (essentially acid) travels through your system, burning, causing cramps and diarrhea. There is also some suggestion that this burning of your intestinal tract could lead to other problems like IBS, ulcers and maybe even cancer.
4. DRINK WATER: the more water you drink the more you dilute the bile and the less harmful it will be for your intestinal tract BUT
5. DON””T DRINK LIQUIDS WITH MEALS: you no longer have a backup supply of bile. You only have the little bit in your digestive system at the exact moment you eat, so DON’T dilute it when you need it to work to digest your food.
6. GET IN SHAPE: Working out helps to regulate your system. The better shape you’re in, the better your body works.
7. LOTS OF FRUITS AND VEG: it has the natural fibre you need and the nutrients your body needs.
8. EAT HEALTHY LEAN MEATS: Your body needs protein to function, stick with lean cuts, but don’t skip the protein.

I hope this helps any one who is suffering, it’s been a great help to me. I also take probiotics at night before bed, take DGL (licorice extract) before meals to help coat the intestines and prevent bile burn and I will take a bile supplement and a digestive enzyme for any large meals.

All this has helped me get fit and feel good about 95% of the time. I still slip up and eat things I shouldn’t and my body reminds me that that is a terrible idea and then I’m back on track because I never want to feel that way again.

Best of luck.”