I absolutely agree. I had my gallbladder removed in Dec 2011. I followed a very strict diet for the 1st month, basically doing babykost (this means no spices, no pork, no red meat, no coffiee, no chocolate). Then after that month I went on to a mild diet, this is a bit heavier diet, this means I am gradually introducing the above mentioned foods to my body. And it works. The one thing I did 2 weeks after my operation is that I went to an ostheopath (saved my life because due to anastetics my body went into a shock after the operation). He repaired the tissue wangles in my body. This allowed for the anastetic to pass through my body, also other fluids. I had immense headache and nauseau after the op. But I am really doing very well because I am following the healthy diet. I also try my utmost best not to use any pain tablets for headaches eg. This also works. And I started to do excercise.