“hello, I am a certified fitness nutritionist. We specialize in understanding the breakdown of digestion for energy sources. Specifically for strength training and weight loss. I have researched this Daniels diet. If you look at what that reader is eating, from the breakdown of the food prospective, the body only recognizes 3 things…. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats(which all have different jobs when they enter our system)
Daniels diet consists of mostly simple carbs and some fat based on what was posted. Fruit is all carb, veggies are carbs, nuts are mostly unsaturated fats and some protein. The one thing there the diet is lacking is complex carbs such as grains, cereals etc and whole proteins like fish, red meat and poltery(other than when you added it later) from the weight loss perspective, your body is probable not getti enough protein or even calories for that matter and much of the weight loss is from lean mass(the body eating its own muscle for energy) when the body is not getting enough, it goes into a starvation mode and stores fat to sustain itself(takes a lot less calories to maintain fat then muscle)and essentially eats the muscle for energy. With all that said, I don’t believe carbs are the issue, just the type of carb like wheat or gluten as well as some red meat. Regardless, it is great to hear you are feeling better. Just thought I would clarify some things from that Daniel diet.”