“I had my gallbladder removed in December of last year and have improved ever since. I never had the shits after eating anything fatty, but I pretty much changed my whole lifestyle anyway and I never really ate much fat.
The pain in the shoulder and where the gallbladder used to be seemed to have all subsided over the past few months.
I have had some anal area chaffing problems that I have to believe is down to the bile. I am hoping that this eventually goes away altogether.
I will say to those who are contemplating surgery do not to wait until you have to be dragged into an ER in the middle of the night with an infected gallbladder. You want to plan your surgery and choose a good bariatric surgeon in a good hospital. The surgery might be routine surgery, but it is your body and health. Plan accordingly.
I had time to plan my surgery and carefully chose a great surgeon and a great hospital to have the work performed in.”