I also had my gall bladder removed about 25 years ago, same cut about 5 inches long just above the naval. I have had digestive problems, acid reflux, hardened stools in my colon, open sores in my stomach from the acid reflux, stomach bloating like I was 5mths pregnant, vision problems, among many other symptoms, and the past 6 years sick all the time, I told the doctor it was like my body was poisoning itself. Lots of lab work, lots of scans and no answers. So last May I was told I had two small hernias and the surgeon suggested getting the repaired. So I pleaded with him to go up in the gall bladder area and look around and see if he could see any thing abnormal, his response was “it’s very rare but it could be scar tissue causing the problem”. So after surgery he came to recovery quite excited, here is what happened. My colon had attached itself to my liver with scar tissue, the liver was lifted and twisted. So he cut every thing loose, and I am now 95% symptom free. Turns out my liver wasn’t working right because it couldn’t, the colon being pinched off, of course didn’t let my bowels work correctly(which only added to the problem). Bottom line trust your instincts, trust what your body is saying.