For forty years, doctors have told me that there is no problem and gallbladder removal does not cause any problems. Advice: Get thee to a good gastroenterologist. Leaking bile acid into the intestines constantly does cause problems. Imodium liquid works. Anucort works. (rx) Prilosec and other proton pump inhibitors work. Librax will slow digestion but slows your entire body. Get baby diaper rash medicine. Nothing makes the problem go away completely. Bad foods include eggs, fats, quiche, salad dressing and other fats. Low fat mayo is better. No licorice. Don’t eat all day to survive work. I have yet to find anyone who tells me how to keep hydrated and get the proper nutrition. They focus on diabetes. You will get better over time because out of fear, you learn what not to eat and when. Because of the dehydration, kidney stones are a major risk. Drink only water; distilled. It was amazing to read the comments about “needing to eat while on the toilet”. Being the only one suffering sucks. In some sick way it is nice to know that someone understands.