Wowwwww. You are all describing me. I got super sick in 2000, liver enzymes went off the charts, hurt every where, vomiting, horrible couple weeks during which they ran every test in the book all of which came back normal except the liver enzymes. Those have gradually resolved over the years to a near normal reading. They thought gall bladder way back then and did the sonogram but since they found no stones, they went no further. Finally in 2005 I found a Dr who said that if I was having pain, even if there were no stones, it was likely there was a problem with my gall bladder, so they did a hyda scan. Sure enough gall bladder no longer functioning so everything was basically backed up into my liver. Had that removed but found that within a very short time, I had the pain again. Sometimes really bad, sometimes not so bad. Also after the surgery, I have this bouts of “Oh boy, I really have to go to the bathroom NOW!” and I’m running full tilt through Home Depot or whatever to get there in time. I can no longer eat some things because this will be the result. Through this whole thing I started having alot of irregular bleeding between periods and pelvic pain. The thing about adhesions is that THEY DO NOT SHOW UP ON CT SCANS or sonograms or even Xrays and MRI’s. Typically they are no dense enough to show up. The only way to find them is to actually look in there (laprascope). I did that. On the first surgery the Dr said my lower abdomen looked like cob webs everywhere from the adhesions sticking everything together. The second surgery about 18 months later, it was even worse – my bowel was connected to my bladder and both were connected to my lower abdominal wall – it was a mess. On this surgery he also did a hysterectomy. I felt better for about 10 months but its back now, including up higher where my gall bladder used to be. My Dr told me though that this time when he goes in to laser everything clean, he’s going to use this new stuff which prevents new adhesions from forming and says I should get nearly complete relief this time. Looking forward to that. Don’t be afraid of the surgery to remove the adhesions, it really does help.