“I had my gallbladder out 6 years ago and I don’t remember having the bile acid diarrhea until just a few years ago. So, yes, it can take a while and then KABOOM!!! lol

Also, I do get BAD (Bile Acid Diarrhea, fitting acronym I think) on again off again… Today I have it… Thursday I had it… *sighs* And sometimes the urgency just hits me, which I have seen is the case for so many posters!

In the past I have even had accidents which to say the least is quite embarrassing! I’ve been accident free for about six months now, thank goodness, but it is always a possibility! I know where EVERY rest stop and good restaurant/gas station bathroom is on my route to see my family and friends 3 hours away.

I usually try to have a change of clothes and wet wipes with me should I have a problem, thus far it’s only happened as I was running into the house and not sure I was going to make it.

Do bother your doc… We shouldn’t have to live this way! As I said in an earlier reply to someone and I have seen others say as well. They can prescribe cholestyramine… but also you could try psyllium which worked well for me and is less bothersome in my opinion!”