I had recurrent “attacks” the day after my surgery and for months after. I had lots of testing done, gastric emptying, more ct’s, more labs. No stones, no sphincter of oddi disfunction. However my doctor didn’t know what was causing the 5am morning awakenings for these attacks. What they did do was send me to a specialist in Pittsburgh at UPMC Presby. It was a sort of phantom pain syndrome I was suffering with. I was given low dose Pamelor (old school antidepressant) in the low dose it doesn’t cross your blood brain barrier and works on the nerve endings. I took this for a year and it really helped. I now only have occasional episodes. I had the surgery in 2007. Little background- I am a nurse, not overweight, the death of my gallbladder was caused by oral contraceptives which I take for my endometriosis. Hope that helps. They said that this occurs in young, white, females. I was about 27yrs old so I fit that bill.