“I had my GB out during the 2000 election – 4 yrs ago. I too felt good for a while that slowly began to feel sort of claustraphobic and kept gaining weight. I also felt like had junk stuck inside. It got to the point where I was having obvious toxic effects that I couldn’t shake. I had several episodes of severe fatigue and insomnia. I read about famous people w/o GBs – LBJ spoke about insomnia and nightmares after having his GB out (he never made the connection). My guess is that the GB actually pumps out the debris when it works. Without it stones build up in the liver and in the common bile duct. So, the GB normally pumps out stones w/o it we get sort of plugged up. The only things that I have found that help are the liver flush, chanca piedra, mint, milk thistle, goldenseal. I think exercise and fish oil help – must take care of cholesterol. I eat really low fat now to be safe.