I also had my gallbladder removed in July after suffering off and on for 30+ years. I managed most of the time not to eat what I knew would trigger the pain. I could not eat anything with wheat in it, so cookies, cakes, all goodies like that was a no-no. But I found that I could eat lots of food that would not trigger the pain. Now I know what you suffer. My pain was no less and it would knock me out for hours helpless until it would pass. But I found I could eat salad greens (no cabbage). I could go to a salad bar and eat my weight in salad and never hurt at all. I’d put peas, tomatoes, eggs and beets and use vinegarette and bluecheese dressing. I can’t eat raw onions but cooked ones I could eat. I could eat Mexican food as long as I stayed with corn. I could eat chicken fahitas, sour cream and even the cheese and not get sick. My best friends though is oats and apple cider. Oh, I could also eat fruit mostly apples and peaches. When I went out to a smorgasborg place I’d just eat the filling out of the cobblers or pies. That pretty much took care of the sweet tooth. Can eat green beans and white potatoes. Don’t do well with sweetpotatoes, though. I am using past and present tense because after almost 3 month of being mostly able to eat anything after surgery I am back to the same exact pain as before the surgery and back to the old way of eating which thankfully still works. But it is the time of year when I really want the things I can’t have and I know that’s kind of childish but it is the truth. I am going to a specialist next week and I don’t know if I want to let them do anything knowing that they really don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to this condition. You really do need your gallbladder and I let them take mine out and everything I ate went to my waist because the gallbladder tells the body what fat is good and what is bad and the body doesn’t know what to do with it when the gallbladder is gone so it stores it all. . So I may just consider myself blessed to be able to eat what I can and leave it alone. I will let them test me but after hearing everyone elses stories nothing can be done that doesn’t have repercussions. Goodluck everyone out there. I know everyone is different so you just have to find your own diet. There are foods you can eat and not get sick. Try the apple cider, fresh if you can get it. I live near an orchard or I just look for the best I can find. Try the oatmeal. You have to cook it don’t use the instant flavored one because they contain wheat. You can cut up an apple in it. I love oats so it’s a good thing I do. I’m 66 years and I expect I’ll be all right on this regimen. I am not selling anything. I’m just an ordinary person. I like to think for myself and I check out as much as I can. That is how I found out about what can be eaten with a bad gallbladder. Some things worked and some things didn’t. With a computer at hand we don’t have an excuse not to find out what we can before we put our bodies in the hands of someone else. This sphinter of oddi problem is still up in the air as far as fixing it. I’m sure there will be a good treatment some day but not in time for me.