I had my GB removed 2 years ago. Sergery went wonderful 3 little sars you cannot even see. But yellow stool and running to the bathroom is the problem from time to time. Cholestromine works but I devide one scoop in four and take with meals. Also I add Cholacol bile salts (yes more bile but we are suffering from bile acid not salts because our fat is not absorbed) And yellow stool diahreha and cramping often caused by nonabsorbtion. So I am taking Cholestromine, Cholachol, Digest Basic by Enzimedica and Aline Probiotics. But take your meds away from Cholestromine: it binds your pills and take them on a way out. I take cholestromine in apple sauce followed 1 cup of water and then I eat my meal. It helps. When I am good: i have good days Beeng good means No more fat then 4 g per one meal No fried No marbled meat lots of (cooked for me cannot have raw) non starchy vegies(potatoes Yams feed bad bacteria and hurts our gut) no sweets except fresh fruits (limit) So vegies, cold water fish, organic chicken, meat No dali meats or cheeses. Aged Asiago cheese is ok with me a little. I hope it will help