Hi, i had my gallbladder taken out in the year 2000. I have had digestive problems with constipation and i was told as well that i have IBS. I have very much trouble with extreme bloating and having a hard time keeping my waistline slim. I was told to take digestive enzymes for the fact that i no longer have my gallbladder to aid in digestion. Digestive enzymes have all the neccessary enzymes that your body needs to digest and without your gallbladder these enzymes might be insufficient in your body. Especially bile. Digestive enzymes gives you that bile that you are missing without your gallbladder. If you are having trouble with bloating then this should help and it might help for your diarrhea as well but i’m not sure about that. Without your gallbladder the body is definitley not digesting properlly cause of that extra bile missing and u need a digestive enzyme to get that back. I hope this helps. Good Luck!