I am 36 and also had my galbladder removed because of attacks. after surgery nothing changed,the attacks continued and the docter who did the surgery treated me like garbage. After ultrasounds, X-Rays, blood tests,etc.etc.he told me to stop bothering him,there was nothing else he could do.After several more attacks I spoke to a triage nurse at the emergency room who told me the same thing happened to her but she did’nt have any gallstones. finally she was told by a gastroenterolagist to start taking at least 3tablespoons of whole husk psyllium everyday,I mix mine with vanilla flavered soy milk and a scoop of chocolate flavored protien vitamin powder,like slim fast.the next day after talking to the nurse I also saw my primary care docter who told me I probably had an ulcer along with a spastic asophagus.He started me on prevecid that day and I picked up the psyllium at the health food store on the way home.I went two weeks without an attack and stopped taking the prevecid.about two weeks later I whent 2days without psyllium and had an attack. whole husk psyllium acts like a sponge and absorbs much of the bile and acid thats dumped into your stomoch and then takes it straight out of your body ,thats why it needs to be whole husk because it’s non soluable.I made the mistake of discontinuing my use of prevecid before my stomoch had a chance to heal so now Im doing another 4weeks of it.I always keep a can of strawberry or chocolate slim fast with me when Im out and about because I find that it coats my stomach really well and keeps me from getting to hungry and keeps my stomach from being too empty,wich is when acid and bile will hurt it the most.Psyllium also helps with I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome)wich can cause many of the same symptoms.I hope it works for you.