had my GB out 4 yrs ago and started having troubles similar to you. Docs were useless – the attitude was like, we’re done with you, you’ve operated on already. They actually (stupidly) think that Gallstones are cured by taking out the gallbladder – they both start with “”gall”” – duh.

daocmom, like me you have liver congestion. You need to learn about this, it is exactly your problem and mine too. With no GB stones stay in the liver. Also your bile flow is slowed, this makes you feel terrible

First of all you really, really need to clean up your diet- eat vegetables, salads, greens nuts, fruit. You can eat fish and chicken and lean meats. Stay away from mass carbohydrates, bread, rice potatos – this is why you get hugry all the time – it’s a vicious cycle.

Next – do the liver flush, you need it bad. You will probably kick out hundreds of stones

Second, fish oil and other supplements (too numerous). I have also discovered that suprisingly mint has great effect on improving bile flow. Really! This really works for me. get some Mint and eat it raw. You will notice your bile starting to flow.

Thrid, you have to do some kind of exercise. I run 5 days a week. All of this gets you back to decent functioning health.