“I’m so glad not to be alone with this problem….5 years ago I got my gallbladder out and started having problems just like you. Cramps, nausea, diarhea….oh my!Here’s some things I have found out because I have a very cool doc:

A pill called Colestid can slow diarhea
There are anti-spasmodics that can help significantly so I don’t have the extreme cramping after eating (they are way better than the **** you buy at the store)
Restaurants use vegetable oil on their grills. It changes properties when it is heated and can cause the “”dumping reaction”” that we all seem to suffer from. We basically can be allergic to it.
Use olive oil.
Avoid large amounts of pasta.(lots of fat)
Avoid caffeine, spicy foods, micro-beers (LOTS of fat)
Take Flax Seed Oil (2-4 a day depending on your tolerance) It decreases gas, pain, colesterol, etc. It is also very good for your heart. You can get it at GNC or other health food stores.
Drink lots of water

About 30% of all gallbladder removals create people like us. There is very little they can do at this point since their are so many variables to diet, etc.

I can’t eat red meat anymore, it makes me very sick. I can eat chicken, turkey, pork (if its not too fatty), and ham. I eat lots of vegetables (steamed)and rice and potatoes.

I have the further complications of my stomach not dumping correctly and my pancreas doesn’t produce the enzymes I need to digest food. So now I get to take 5enzymes every time I eat and take 2cc of erythromyacin (a smaller dose than even infants) to force my stomach to dump correctly. I have also had 5 procedures on my bile ducts and pancreatic ducts becasue they have become blocked. The Flax Seed will help prevent that from happening again. I am a medical nightmare….. ”