I’m reading this and I just feel so sad for many of you who have had your gallbladders removed. there is a book called the amazing liver flush by andreas moritz. In the book he outlines this flush and good eating and living habits, what we should avoid and whatnot. He has recently passed away, but don’t let this deter you from the vast amount of information he has dedicated his life to finding. I have had the worst skin condition which has caused to look up a way to rid myself of this disease and this is what I stumbled upon. It has helped me in so many ways, I feel so much more clear, my skin is improved, i’m not angry all the time. The gallbladder stores bile, without it your body cannot effectively break down fats. Your liver is forced to produce bile immediately when you eat anything with fat in order to digest it, but unfortunately it is not enough bile. I encourage you to try going without fried foods, without oily products, dairy products, and without meat. It sounds crazy, i know, but try it out to see if it helps your situation.